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The St. Louis Medical Society was founded on Dec. 25, 1835. The first presentation to that Society was the obstetrical topic “Does an Epidemic of Contagious Puerperal Fever Exist at This Time in St. Louis?” Among its members was Dr. George Engelmann (1809-1881), who is credited for the first use of forceps in the St. Louis area. Following the Civil War, there was friction between those who championed the Northern and Southern causes. This division was not seen among the ten founding members of the St. Louis Obstetrical and Gynecological Society in 1877. Original presentations to the Society included topics such as “Treating Acute Cystitis”, “Intrauterine Injections”, “Sterility”, “Abnormal Development of the Gravid Uterus,” “Placenta Previa” and “Eclampsia Puerperalis.”
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Types of Members:

  • Active Member
  • Associate Member
  • Life Member
  • Honorary Member
  • Resident Member

For specifics on each type of membership see the Article 3 Sections 2 – 6 of the Society Constitution.

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